Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is: Cobble stone streets, red roofs and a vibrant promenade with the perfect mix of foreigners and locals

What I enjoyed the most:

  • Promenade walks
  • The people and good
  • Beer, sun and music on the beach

What surprised me the most: The talented street performers in “Los Arcos” entertaining every single night!

Something to remember: Vallarta factory has the best coffee and service. You can’t go wrong with $1 coronas on the beach at The sea monkey!

Souvenir: A glass sea horse

Puerto Vallarta, Jal

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Iglesia de Juan Bautista

Huasca de Ocampo, Hgo. Mex. also known as the first “Pueblo Magico”(magic town) is a quaint  town surrounded by forest peaks. Red roofs and stone paved streets offer a real Mexican flavor to visitors.

Huasca is: Elves

What I enjoyed the most:

  • Our stay in Huasca Sierra Verde, great family time!
  • Drinking a giant michelada while walking through the town
  • The craft markets
  • Learning about the elves myths and tales

What surprised me the most: The street vendors asking us to buy fried crickets!

Something to remember: In October Huasca can go from really cold and rainy one day to sunny and hot the next!

Souvenir: A little mushroom

Huasca de Ocampo, Hgo

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South Haven

South Haven. A beautiful town with a big Harbor on Lake Michigan. Only a couple of hours from Chicago is perfect for a weekend getaway.

South Haven is: Lighthouses, sand dunes and beautiful views of the Lake Michigan.

What I enjoyed the most: Picnic at the Van Buren State Beach & Dunes.

What surprised me the most: The proximity to Chicago and how beautiful the landscape is.

Something to remember: ec*lec*tic has the best coffee

Souvenir: A small lighthouse

South Haven

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Pittsburgh, PA sits at the junction of 3 rivers: The Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio. Surrounded by hills and valleys it’s a great option for a weekend get away.

Pittsburgh is: Bridges and stairs

What I enjoyed the most:

What surprised me the most: All the stairs everywhere! In fact I learned Pittsburgh has over 700 sets of city-owned steps

Something to remember: Google maps “Pittsburgh Airport” to 911th Airlift Wing(behind the airport).

Souvenir: A yellow hand towel that reads “The terrible towel”


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The oldest house in Galena

Galena has an amazing historic charm with a beautiful Main Street that simply inspires the imagination.

Galena is: A trip to the past

What I enjoyed the most:

  • Walking Main Street
  • The views from Grant Park. Postal card perfect!
  • The Mississippi boat tour
  • The beautiful and quiet Mississippi river(perfect views from our resort)

What surprised me the mostThe scenic beauty of the surrounding hills and valleys around this area. Gorgeous!



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The Fabyan forest preserve once belonged to George Fabyan and his wife Nelle. George Fabyan was a millionaire businessman who founded a private research laboratory which pioneered modern cryptograph.

Their 300+ acre state included a Japanese Garden a private zoo and a Dutch-style windmill among other things. A place worth visiting for sure.


Fabyan Windmill

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No estás Deprimido, estás Distraído…

Distraído de la vida que te puebla, tienes corazón, cerebro, alma y espíritu… entonces cómo puedes sentirte pobre y desdichado.Distraído de la vida que te rodea, delfines, bosques, mares, montañas, ríos.

No caigas en lo que cayó tu hermano que sufre por un ser humano cuando en el mundo hay cinco mil seiscientos millones, además no es tan malo vivir solo; yo la paso bien decidiendo a cada instante lo que quiero hacer y gracias a la soledad, me conozco, algo fundamental para vivir.

No caigas en lo que cayó tu padre que se siente viejo porque tiene setenta años, olvidando que Moisés dirigía el éxodo a los ochenta y Rubinstein interpretaba como nadie a Chopin a los noventa por sólo citar dos casos conocidos.

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